Live Webinars and Workshops

We deliver engaging custom faculty development experiences based on our decades of experience in online learning and the unique needs of your faculty. 

We know that you have a unique institutional mission, student population, and development needs and that require custom programming and services. We can work with you to tailor our services to meet you and your learners where you are. 

How We Partner With You

We are committed to bringing quality professional development programming and services to institutions of all sizes. Our team will work with you to create an institutional package that meets your needs and works with your budget. 

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Services We Offer


Custom webinars can be created with your unique development goals in mind and delivered in a format (synchronous, asynchronous, or hybrid/blended) that works with your institution’s schedule. Webinars typically range from 30-60 minutes and can include a Q&A session with the presenter. Webinars include corresponding activities and resources that help to put the learning into practice. 


Custom workshops provide a hands-on experience focused on specific learning topic(s) tailored to your unique needs. Workshops can range from half-day sessions (3-4 hours), full-day sessions (5-6), to multi-day sessions. Workshops include all activities and resources used during the workshop as well as additional ones to keep the conversation going.


Custom courses provide in-depth coverage of a specific teaching and learning topic. Courses typically consist of multiple learning modules containing individual lessons and activities. Courses may also include synchronous, asynchronous, or hybrid/blended components such as webinars, workshops, and Q&A sessions.

Keynote Addresses

Custom keynotes are focused presentations that speak to a current conversation, event theme, or specialized topic. Typically, keynote sessions range from 1-2 hours and can include a Q&A session with the presenter. Keynote addresses may include corresponding activities and resources.  

Technology and Learning Management System Training

Custom technology and learning management system training explains the what, how, and why of technology in the classroom. A training session typically reviews the tool(s) and its features, talks about its uses and applications, and gives some different examples of it being used. For learning management systems, training focuses on using tools, organizing the course, and creating/using templates. 

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