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Group of 3 educators collaborating on a syllabus document

Syllabus Bootcamp

Whether you are ready for a syllabus refresh or starting from scratch, this course is for you!

It's a course about, well, the syllabus, yes--but so much more! We all know that the syllabus plays an essential role in our courses. We also know that it can be one of our greatest pain points. We're glad you're going to join us as we take a deep dive into the pedagogical tool that many love and loathe in equal measure.

Registration Information

Approximate hours to complete*:

One Hour



*Learners who complete this course may request a certificate of completion from OLT at the end of the course. A certificate denotes completion of the course requirements (e.g., videos, readings, knowledge checks) and should not be considered a formal certification. 

Group Registration:

10% discount for groups of 50+

20% discount for groups of 100+

Email to take advantage of group registration and invoicing.

About the Instructor

Melissa Wehler headshot

Melissa Wehler 

Melissa Wehler, OLT Faculty Development Co-Founder, has worked in higher education and faculty development since 2007, spending much of the last decade in digital classrooms. She has held staff, faculty, and administrative appointments in higher educational institutions and currently focuses on instructional design. Her teaching includes classes on writing, cultural studies, and college readiness. Melissa is passionate about helping faculty realize their unique vision for their courses and helping to make that vision sustainable. She specializes in creating classroom community, using active learning, building social spaces in digital classrooms, and designing inclusive courses. 

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