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OLT Featured in Inside Higher Ed

The word "community" aside a yellow light bulb surrounded by six bolts.

OLT Coach, Niya Bond, shares about her feminist approach to faculty development in her latest piece in Inside Higher Ed. She mentions the work we do here at the OLT.

“In the OLT Community of Practice that I co-facilitate, when we realized that faculty members were feeling overwhelmed during the pandemic, we asked what we could do to enhance our caring-first approach to coaching. Faculty members replied that the community functioned for them as a both-and space: a place where they could come to re-energize their teaching during COVID as well as one that provided a nice escape from postsecondary pressures. So we used this liminal positioning as a catalyst for change, taking a multipronged approach to co-creation. We posted self-care strategies, shared stories about teaching and learning in trying times, and prioritized the personal as much as the pedagogical.”

Click to read the full article.

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