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Moving Forward this Fall

Below is the recording of our recent panel session, Moving Forward This Fall. Educators from our OLT Faculty Development Community of Practice shared lessons they learned during pandemic teaching and the things they plan to carry with them into future semesters.

Additional Resources

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Student Hours - Calka
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  • We discussed Discord as a tool for backchannel communication with students. Questions were raised regarding the privacy and accessibility features of this tool. See Discord's Privacy, Safety, and Accessibility pages before deciding if this is the right tool for you to use.

Panel Presenters

Breanna Boppre

Dr. Breanna Boppre is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Victim Studies at Sam Houston State University. She teaches and researches about gender, victimization, and the carceral system.

Michelle Calka

Dr. Michelle Calka is an Associate Professor and Chair of Communication Studies at Manchester University, a small private university in Indiana. After teaching online for a full academic year, Michelle is returning to the physical classroom with new ways of engaging students online and in person.

John LaMaster

John LaMaster is a Senior Instructor at Purdue University Fort Wayne where he teaches mathematics to typically first year students in face-to-face, hybrid/hyflex, and online formats. He enjoys using technology to create hands-on activities to help students learn, including interactive videos with Camtasia and Adobe Captivate. He also creates algorithmic, Internet-based, self-scoring homework questions for College Algebra and Trigonometry using Möbius, My Math Lab and WileyPlus.

Jodie Mader

Dr. Jodie Mader has transitioned from faculty member to a full time faculty developer starting in May 2021. She manages programs for the Faculty Enrichment Center at the University of Cincinnati.

Clea Mahoney

Clea Mahoney is an instructional technologist at New York University, where she leads faculty training initiatives on teaching and learning with technology, and teaches an asynchronous graduate course on content marketing and writing for digital and social media for the NYU School of Professional Studies. Clea is also a facilitator with OLT Faculty Development, focusing on communities of practice such as COOL (Camp Operation Online Learning). When Clea isn't in front of a computer, she can be found hiking with her husband and pup in Colorado.

Join the OLT Community of Practice

The OLT Community is a global network of caring, passionate, creative, and curious educators who provide support, share resources, and explore new frontiers in teaching and learning, together.

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