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Making Space with Pauses (w/ download)

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Of all the topics we've talked about to over the years, Pause Procedure continues to demand our time and attention--and with good reason. Pause Procedure refers to short breaks (or "pauses") that create space to reflect, engage, and think.

They are consciously and strategically designed into a lesson where they can be best leveraged for those outcomes. Sometimes, pauses are aligned to the materials ("What was your "muddiest moment" in today's lesson?"). Other times, they are more holistic ("How are you defining success this semester?"). Still other times, they are more social ("Talk about something that consider yourself an expert."). Each of these pauses works towards different outcomes: developing subject matter expertise, supporting self-reflection, and building classroom community. And each of them is an important part of building a productive, inclusive classroom enviornment.

To help you get started thinking about pauses, we've created a downloadable template that you can use in your classroom or inspire your own pauses.

15 Ways to Take a Pause
Download PPTX • 1.27MB

Do you use Pause Procedure in your course? What kinds of pauses have been successful for you? Drop your ideas and pause suggestions in the comments below!


Want more templates like our 15 Ways to Take a Pause? Join the OLT Community where we share templates, worksheets, infographics, and more!

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