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Games and Learning: Designing to Support Habits of Mind

Games in classrooms have a rich history of fun, play, success, and learning. The fun and playfulness of games help students of all ages connect to content knowing. This session shifts the focus to consider how game design reinforces content ways of knowing (habits of mind and dispositions). This session will discuss how game design builds ways of thinking and ways of knowing into game design. This session will offer practical design strategies and game shortcuts to connect educators, educational designers, instructional designers and more with game design that connects content to content ways of knowing in their classroom.

Resources Shared in Zoom Chat

Nicole's Sway Presentation

Annotated Bibliography

Pfannenstiel Game and Learning Ann Bib
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About the Presenter

Dr. A. Nicole Pfannenstiel is a digital rhetoric scholar who studies videogames and literacies, digital writing, blog communities, and the use of games (and play!) in the classroom. Her work focuses on learning through and with technology, blending play, connected learning theory, games theories, and digital rhetoric to support learning and writing.

Dr. Pfannenstiel is an Assistant Professor of Digital Media in the English Department at Millersville University where she teaches classes in Web Writing & Content Management, Media Literacy, Digital Rhetoric, Rhetorical Analysis, and Composition. She regularly employs multimedia learning, Twitter, blogs, multimedia projects, and experiential learning to help students experience, learn from, and reflect on learning with course content to feel more comfortable and gain more experience with design and writing. Additionally, Dr. Pfannenstiel is the Interim Director of the Center for Academic Excellence, where she supports faculty in their teaching, research, and scholarship through faculty professional development programming. Dr. Pfannenstiel earned a PhD in Rhetoric, Composition and Linguistics from Arizona State University. You can follow her on Twitter @npfannen

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