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Free Online Teaching & Learning Success Webinar

Clarity, Caring & Community-Building: Using the 3 Cs to Enhance Online Teaching and Learning Success

Presented by Niya Bond

Wednesday, August 26, 9:00am ET

Free Webinar (recorded for replay)


This webinar will cover strategies for enhancing online student engagement and success. Moving through a series of specific online teaching and learning tips, we will discuss ways to bring ideal online pedagogical philosophies, based around clarity, community-building, and caring, into virtual concrete practices. Finally, we will come together for a live conversation about how to best create and sustain engaging, empowering, and enthusiastic online educational experiences, for students and instructors alike.


About the Presenter

Niya Bond is a seasoned online educator, with over 10 years of experience teaching English and general education courses online. She currently serves as an online English adjunct, online faculty development facilitator, and online English Subject Matter Expert (SME). Niya’s personal and professional passions collide at the intersection of online pedagogy, online faculty development, online course and curriculum design, and online communities of practice.

In addition to her roles and responsibilities in online education, Niya is also a PhD student at the University of Maine, studying online teaching and learning, with a particular focus on online faculty support structures and enhancing online pedagogy and practice. Recently, Niya has published pieces on virtual feminist pedagogy, adopting online pedagogies of welcome, as well as an upcoming collaborative essay detailing the complexities of taking in-person social justice courses online during COVID-19. Connect with Niya on Twitter, LinkedIn, or through her site. She is always happy to talk about anything related to online education, the latest TV shows, the books people are reading, and the benefits of dog ownership—particularly rescued bulldogs named Pancake.

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