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Drawing in the Classroom

This video discusses the benefits of using drawing in the classroom and some strategies for incoporating these activities in your classes.


Exercises and resources shared with me on Twitter

  • The Art of the Draw by Catherine Denial, PhD

  • Fiona Rawle, PhD shared the concept of using drawing on Zoom as an Arrival Activity. "Sometimes it is related to class & sometimes not. Could be a landscape sketch where students draw in flora & fauna, or a textbook image that has been converted to a coloring sheet, or artist’s work (used with permission)." An example of the coloring page activity in action.

  • Sarah Purcell, PhD shared an exercise "where students create a portrait (even stick figures are OK) for a person whose historical narrative we read (usually clock-maker Chauncey Jerome)--in a 200-level US History class."

  • Margy MacMillan referenced the work of David Brier and Vickery Lebbin on using drawing to teach information literacy.

  • Christina Moore, PhD, led a workshop series focused on community building activities from Equity Unbound and One Higher Ed. This included creative expression including drawing. Practicing Community-Building Activities Online Workshop Handout.

My classroom art supply shopping list

Apps mentioned in my presentation

  • Sketchpad

Coloring Pages and Art Tutorials

  • The New York Academy of Medicine #ColorOurCollections Launched by The New York Academy of Medicine Library in 2016, #ColorOurCollections is an annual coloring festival on social media during which libraries, museums, archives and other cultural institutions around the world share free coloring content featuring images from their collections.

  • Art for Kids Hub (great for warm-ups/arrival activities – this channel contains basic drawing tutorials that anyone can follow)

  • Why People Believe they Can’t Draw and How to Prove They Can

  • How to Draw to Remember More by Graham Shaw

  • Getting Started with Sketchnoting

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