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A Quick Temperature Check (with download)

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Checking-in and checking-up on our learners have always been an essential practice of the inclusive, engaged classroom.

Temperature checks help us to ease ourselves and our learners into the class while also gauging their current level of engagement. And they range from the casual ("How's everyone doing today?") to the informal ("I'd like to give us a few moments to reflect on some questions.") to the formal ("Please complete this survey.") When used, we gain valuable feedback about the ways they're understanding the materials, developing their skills, and interacting with the classroom community.

Temperature checks can also help to reveal places where we may want to dig a little deeper. They can show us emerging patterns of behaviors, attitudes, victories, and concerns in our classroom community. They can tell us places in our lessons where our learners found their footing and other places that got stuck in the mud. They can also show us those same patterns in individual learners. They can help us to target our outreach and tailor our support.

To help you with your next temperature check, we've created this downloadable that you can put into your slide deck or simply share with students during class:

Check-In Prompt
Download PPTX • 1.77MB


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