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November 1-4, 2021

What are OER?

OER are open educational resources. Open Educational Resources (OER) are an excellent way to share information with students and to to fill gaps where accessible and high-quality resources on relevant concepts or issues otherwise do not exist. These resources are developed, often collaboratively, through cooperatives of experts and shared freely online in the public domain or under Creative Commons licenses. These teaching materials can be freely used and shared.

What is an OER Sprint?

We invite you and your colleagues to join us for an OER Sprint. We will spend four (blended) days together: designing, developing, publishing, and reviewing open educational resources. Our workshop will focus on creating an OER infographic, image, or video. We will focus on using freely available tools and publishing content in the public domain (using Creative Commons licenses). 

What is the schedule?

A week before - Open for Pre-work

The OER Sprint Community opens for pre-work, so you can become familiar with our platform and to more closely review the Sprint schedule. We will also discuss the analysis phase of your project so you are ready to dive into the work when the sprint begins.

Day One - Design

Complete a 1-2 hour asynchronous module guiding you through the design phase of your OER project.

Day Two - Development

Complete a 1-2 hour asynchronous module guiding you through the development phase of your OER project. There will be options for creating an infographic, creating an image, or creating a video. We will also discuss planning longer-term projects with larger outcomes. 

Join us for a one-hour, optional, synchronous session reviewing OER Development.

Day Three - Peer Reviewing

Participate in an asynchronous, guided peer-review activity to collect feedback on your OER.

Join us for a one-hour, optional, synchronous peer review session.

Day Four - Publishing

Complete a 1-2 hour asynchronous module guiding you through the process of publishing your OER. 

Where is it happening?

The OER Sprint will take place in the OLT Community and Zoom. 

How much is registration?

Registration for this event is free! The only thing we ask is that if you register and no longer can participate that you cancel your registration so we can make your seat available to someone else.