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Figuring Out FERPA

If you want to learn about student privacy rights across teaching modalities, this course is for you...

This course is a mixture of reading and video content designed to help you understand FERPA’s important role in higher education and how it's applicable to you in your profession. 

Registration Information

Approximate hours to complete*:

Four Hours



*Learners who complete this course may request a certificate of completion from OLT at the end of the course. A certificate denotes completion of the course requirements (e.g., videos, readings, knowledge checks) and should not be considered a formal certification. 

Group Registration:

10% discount for groups of 50+

20% discount for groups of 100+

Email to take advantage of group registration and invoicing.

About the Instructor

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Katie Schwienteck

Katie Schwienteck has over 15 years experience working in higher ed. Currently, Katie works as a registrar for a large university system where FERPA is enforced and she understands firsthand how challenging FERPA can be. Katie is involved with the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) and has presented annually since 2014. She's spent years learning from colleagues, attending professional development training, and processing real FERPA questions.  Her goal is to educate you on FERPA and how it applies to you. 

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