Our Story

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Our story starts and ends with friendship. Judith and Melissa met while working at the same institution. Judith was an instructional designer and part-time faculty member, and Melissa was an administrator and faculty member. Over time, their partnership became a friendship and that friendship would become the Online Lecture Toolkit--an open educational resource dedicated to helping faculty develop online lecture videos--started in 2017. As demand for resources grew, Judith and Melissa expanded their offerings and changed their name to the Online Learning Toolkit in 2018. Since then, they have offered professional development opportunities to thousands of faculty members at institutions all over the world. 

Our Philosophy 

We believe that faculty development--and teaching--is a journey and not a destination and that it’s one that we walk together.  Our “come as you are” motto asks that you bring your authentic self to our community just as we bring ours. We believe that faculty development can and should be a joyful experience that rejuvenates and refreshes your passion for teaching. And we believe that in order to best support our students, we must first support our faculty. 

Our Community

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The OLT Community is a place for caring, compassionate, and creative educators to connect with one another. We share resources, advice, and support. We listen, learn, and grow together. We laugh. We come from different backgrounds, disciplines, and experiences with the shared purpose to continually improve the lives of our learners.  

Our Team

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Judith Dutill

Judith Dutill, OLT Faculty Development Co-Founder, is an experienced online educator with 20 years of working and teaching in higher education. She enjoys working with instructors who want to bridge the digital divide, develop media literacies, design instruction, advance online learning, and forge deeper connections with online students and peers. Her recent work focuses on teaching practical strategies for applying humanity-centered pedagogies. As adjunct faculty, she teaches online courses in public speaking, desktop publishing, and media and society. Connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn or follow her work on the OLT Blog. She's been featured on  Lecture Breakers Episode 11, Think UDL Episode 43

Melissa Wehler 

Melissa Wehler, OLT Faculty Development Co-Founder, has worked in higher education and faculty development since 2007, spending much of the last decade in digital classrooms. She has held staff, faculty, and administrative appointments in higher educational institutions and currently focuses on instructional design. Her teaching includes classes on writing, cultural studies, and college readiness. Melissa is passionate about helping faculty realize their unique vision for their courses and helping to make that vision sustainable. She specializes in creating classroom community, using active learning, building social spaces in digital classrooms, and designing inclusive courses. Connect with her on YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and the OLT Blog. She's been featured on  Lecture Breakers Episode 43, Lecture Breakers Episode 48, Think UDL Episode 49

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Niya Bond

OLT Faculty Development Facilitator, Niya Bond, is a seasoned online educator, with over 10 years of experience teaching English and general education courses online. She currently serves as an online English adjunct, online faculty development facilitator, and online English Subject Matter Expert (SME). Niya’s personal and professional passions collide at the intersection of online pedagogy, online faculty development, online course and curriculum design, and online communities of practice. Recently, Niya has published pieces on virtual feminist pedagogy, adopting online pedagogies of welcome, as well as an upcoming collaborative essay detailing the complexities of taking in-person social justice courses online during COVID-19. Connect with Niya on Twitter, LinkedIn, or through her site


Karen Costa

OLT Faculty Development Facilitator, Karen Costa, is a career higher educator with a passion for supporting students and faculty, particularly in the online learning environment. Her work is centered around teaching college success strategies to first-year students, online pedagogy, and faculty development. Karen’s first book, 99 Tips for Creating Simple and Sustainable Educational Videos focuses on helping faculty and teachers to make creative use of videos in their classrooms. Karen is a staff writer for Women in Higher Education, and her writing has also appeared in Inside Higher Education, The Philadelphia Inquirer, On Being, and Faculty Focus. Connect with Karen on Twitter and LinkedIn or read more about her work


Anthony LePera

OLT Faculty Development Social Media Manager and Intern, Anthony LePera, is a Junior at the University of Rhode Island. Anthony is a Marketing Major in the College of Business at URI. He enjoys applying his communication and organizational skills to his new role. Anthony began his career working as office staff for his family's business where he created organizational systems for office efficiency. In fall 2021, Anthony begins his role as president of URI's ALPHA-RHO Chapter of TAU KAPPA EPSILON. He is motivated to grow and learn in his role at OLT. Connect with Anthony on LinkedIn.


Clea Mahoney

OLT Faculty Development Facilitator, Clea Mahoney, is an experienced instructional technologist and faculty developer. Her "day job" focuses on faculty and staff training and consultations on incorporating institutionally supported technologies into learning experiences. Clea has an MS in Library & Information Science from Drexel University and teaches in the MS in Professional Writing program at NYU School of Professional Studies. Connect with Clea on LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter.